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About us

"Our rewards reside in the positive feedback we earn."

Kiskirine Events started in our dining room with great ideas and great enthusiasm. The brainchild of Ola Mustapha was put together with sketches and notes with lengthy plans on scraps of paper at the time almost 2 decades ago. The business started with a unique idea of creating bespoke party bags for children's birthday parties and went on to expand into the wedding supply business after gaining skills and knowledge in the venue decoration side of things. Over the years, creativity and attention to detail further promoted the ventures of the business and Kiskirine Events quickly grew to become expert event coordinators thanks to great stake holder relationships and being an ideal partner to other providers.


Not content with the progress of the business, Ola Mustapha launched plans to deliver her own community events starting with Brent council. African Showcase Market was born. It's been over 12 years now and ASM has held several community events with over 10 local authorities within London and the M25 orbital. 

where are we now?

within a demanding schedule running both ASM and Kiskirine events the small cohesive team are venturing into larger scale events with secondary activities of unique value. There is a higher focus on delivering private events abroad thanks to a growing reputation of high quality and a healthy contacts list.

While corporate events have become a much more busier side of the business, the company will continue to organise smaller private events not forgeting where it started it's growth. 

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