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Event speakers  hosts & MCs

Weddings & private events / business events / community events / Product launch events / religious events / 

We have worked with these fine people who are happy to offer their talented services under our banner. They all have key unique skills in delivering a message be it light - hearted with a great deal of humour, to more serious message. They all have one thing in common - the ability to engage and relate to the audience, no matter the size. They are confident and full of knowledge in their core areas of expertise.

A charismatic and knowledgeable academic and purveyor of the christian faith. Specialises in Spiritual
enlightenment, Society & racial cohesion

Weddings, christian events,
life coaching & self-motivation

Prince Afolabi Andu

Alain Boothe

Business and life coach with tons of experience and a huge sense of humour. Style: soft but effective mannerism. 

Network events, self development seminars, product launches

Janet Akinfie

Experienced community events coordinator and liaison manager. acclaimed European poet.
style: Bubbly persona with a knack for engaging large event audiences

Leisure and community events, 
charity and community events, talent shows.

Ken Wood

Toast master and all round event host  with tons of experience and a huge sense of humour. Style: soft but effective mannerisms . 

Network eventsprivate functions,seminars, product launches

Engineering veteran with great knowledge of development and planning. Great speaker with the academic approach.

 Community events, conferences and seminars 

Dr Boma Douglas

Marketing guru and comedy writer with a lot of small business insight. Career motivator and impromtu counsellor  Style: fire &brimstone, self-parody, tastefully sarcastic.

Network events, career development, comedy or leisure events seminars, product launches

Sola Akinfie

Emma Foster

society lady with a great deal of life experience, often hosts competitor and leisure events. an authour of self - development titles and a busy speakerbased in the UK and abroad.


Leisure & sport events, fashion events and elaborate private events. 

serial entrepreneur and complete events professional. Vast public speaking and audience engagement experience. able to apply event skills to enhance speaker schedules and planning.

wedding & private events, community events, competitor events and seminar events

Ola Mustapha

The speakers network

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